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I'm so glad you landed on this page. It's not just shameless self-promotion. I also want to tell you about the books of my friends that are available. There's no time to waste. Just dig in and click on any title to purchase or read more! What could be better? Happy reading.

Linsey Lanier (Moi!)

You can find my books on Amazon or Smashwords. Or just search for "Linsey Lanier" on either site.

Available now! Cleverest of Them All by Linsey Lanier
Two weeks before her marriage to Prince Chad, PI Stacey Alexander gets in a fight with him and leaves the Hollow Tree. When he tries to follow her, things get even worse. Ignoring her feelings for the prince, Stacey decides to investigate the murder of Clarence Hump, the district attorney who was prosecuting a violent gang member. That decision might be a mistake...

The Clever Detective by Linsey Lanier
# 4 on Amazon's Free Romance list, the week of June 1, 2011.
After six years as a private investigator, Stacey Alexander has the strangest day of her life when she falls down a hollow tree and meets her new client, a nutty old dude with a crown who thinks he's a king. She'd climb right out of there, except that the crazy dude wants her to find his missing son, the Prince. And that is one hot-looking male. She'd be crazy herself not to take this case.

Clever is as Clever Does by Linsey Lanier
In Book Two of the Clever Detective series, PI Stacey Alexander is wondering whether eye-poppingly handsome Prince Chad will ever say "I love you," when she learns a princess has been murdered in the kingdom and she's the only one who can figure out who did it.

The West Wind Blows by Linsey Lanier
Halloween. Not Danica Marshall's favorite time of year. Especially when her young son is so upset. But when an old heartache from the past returns in the flesh, she wonders what their future might hold.

Go to Amazon or Smashwords and search for "Linsey Lanier."

Terrific Reads by Other Writers!

A Choir of Angels by Marilyn Baron.
How far will a mother go to sing at her daughter’s wedding? Nothing, not even a little thing like death, is going to cheat Rhonda Paver out of celebrating the happiest day of her daughter’s life. Even if she has to cross over to the other side to do it.

Linsey's comment: A funny, touching story. I laughed, I cried. I got a tingle at the end. You'll love it.

Blessing In Disguise by Tamara LeBlanc
When Alex hires Ella as his son’s live-in nanny, he never intends to seduce her into his bed. But Ella’s rebellious nature and startling blue eyes are hard to resist.

Though Ella wants to keep things professional, she melts in his arms. He might help her forget the pain of her past, but can she let the sexy dad into her heart?

Linsey's comment: A sweet, fun, romantic story. Don't miss this one!

Insight by Annie Rayburn
What's a strong Crainesian woman like Sela to do when Jonavon, her half human life-mate, is too clueless to follow when beckoned? Seduce him with his own desires, of course!

Linsey's comment: A race of aliens co-mingling with humans, who mate for life - and the females are in control of it all. Love it. Great concept, great story, well written. Perfect prequel to Bittersweet Obsessions.

Go to Amazon or Smashwords and search for "Annie Rayburn."