Thursday, October 20, 2011

Annie Rayburn - Phantoms & Fantasies - Which Crainy would YOU kiss?

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

If you like emotional, sensual romance, and FUN, you're in for a treat today. Annie Rayburn has stopped by my humble abode on her blog tour. Annie is the author of the fabulous Phantoms &Fantasies, one of three books in Annie's Crainesian series.

If you've read any of Annie's stories, you know Crainesian men are HOT. Which is why we thought we'd round out the week with a Crainy Spin-the-Bottle game. I'll let Annie tell you all about it:

* * * * *

Welcome to Day 5 of my Georgia Romance Indie’s Blog Tour!
Because so many romance readers are women, we’re going to play a fun cyber game of SPIN THE BOTTLE. Pretend you’re sitting in a circle with handsome hunks from my Crainesian e-books and you’ve just been given permission to be a girl gone wild. The champagne is being consumed, and someone starts it spinning. Who will it land on? Who would you kiss if it did?

Here are your choices:

From Phantoms & Fantasies: Turk and his best friend, Cooper.
My inspiration for Turk is Ingo Radamacher, and Cooper? Heath Ledger

From Insight, Jonavon, the hunky construction company owner who ran into his life-mate, Sela at a Denver mall. His “dark good looks” were inspired by this picture of David James Elliott.

Also participating in our naughty little game is Paul and Klaus, former sexual surrogates from Bittersweet Obsessions. In my mind, Paul looked like Clive Owen and Klaus was the sexy model, Marcus Schenkenberg.

Yum, yum!

So, spin that bottle ladies. If one kiss isn’t enough, there might be time for a second spin, or even a three-minute make-out session in a dark closet. Your choice...

* * * * *

For participating in our game today (and leaving a comment) you will be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of Phantoms & Fantasies. No worries. I don’t mine e-mails for future mailings. This promotion is strictly to introduce new readers to Turk and Zeenie. Please feel free to spin and play. I’m dying to know who’ll be the most popular and why.

If you missed out on previous days of the blog tour and want to know more, we kicked off the week with Pamela V. Mason’s review of Phantoms & Fantasies on Tuesday, Tami Brothers interviewed me on her blog  about the hunks in my books and the males inhabiting my home. I also blogged on Petit Fours And Hot Tamales about embracing the unexpected. Wednesday’s installment included a steamy excerpt from Phantoms & Fantasies on Sandra McGregor’s new blog Life, Love, and a Good Book. Thursday I interviewed Turk on the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writer’s blog.

Tomorrow, I’ll wrap up this blog tour by choosing a grand prize winner from all the comments throughout the week on my blog. Because my books all revolve around matters of the heart, the grand prize will be a beautiful collection of semi-precious heart pendants and necklaces encased in their own wooden jewelry box! I received one of these collections from a Secret Santa one year and just love it! (Sorry, USA shipping only.)

You can keep in contact with me on my Annie Rayburn, Author Facebook page or follow me on Twitter: Annie_Rayburn.

Okay, commercial over. Ladies, let’s play!


  1. Hi, Linsey! Thanks for having me here. I'm looking forward to this.

    Woo-hoo! Spin that bottle and confess!!! I'll be back tomorrow to hear your hunky preferences. hee-hee-hee...

  2. Honestly? I don't care where that bottle lands! But if I absolutely HAD to choose, I think I would go for Paul - tall, dark and mysterious. I love that curly black hair, too!

  3. I am, too, Carol. Can't wait to see who everyone picks. :)

  4. Hi Pam. Yeah, it is a hard choice. My favorite at the moment is Klaus (I can't wait for his story). But after Carol's interview with Turk yesterday on Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers, he's a very close second. ;)

  5. Goodness, I think I'd take Klaus, but there's quite a choice here. Wow.

    Annie, continued success!

  6. On my first spin, Klaus.
    Second spin, Turk.
    Third spin, Klaus.
    Fourth spin, um... ok - I choose Paul.
    Fifth spin, Klaus...

    Oh... there's other ladies at this party?

  7. Klaus, Klaus, Klaus, Klaus. Hear the chants. :)

    Seriously, Klaus. ;)

    After this awesome blog tour, Turk would be my next hero.

    Of course all the other guys are equally awesome and when I'm reading each of their stories, they are at the top of my "bottle spinning" list.

    Fun game, ladies.


  8. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Jacqui is going to be so jealous.

  9. I think I like Pamela Mason's way of playing this game. LOL!!!

  10. Actually, after yesterday's interview with Turk, I'm taking him to a quiet corner for a little bit of ... conversation.

    Klaus is coming home with me though.

  11. Oh no, Pam. I've got dibs on Klaus.

  12. Now, now, ladies. Don't start a fight. Nothing was said about taking them home. Spin the Bottle is one thing. Lest you've forgotten, I created heroines for them too...and they're fiercely loyal.

    Well, all except Klaus. He hasn't gotten to the committment phase of his relationship with Jacqui yet.

  13. How fun! I have to admit, I'm more of a Klaus/Marcus kind of gal too. Don't you love going through model and actor pictures to find out what one of your characters looks like?
    Thanks, guys, for a fun blog tour!

  14. Julee, that's one of my favorite, techniques. ;) I have tons of fab pic and ab pics in my "Guys" folder. :D

    Thanks for joining us on the tour!

  15. Y'know, I think I'd keep playing the game until that bottle had pointed to each possible target. Nobody said we could only spin once, did they? ;)

  16. I like that idea, Carol. No one gave us any rules on this game. So I think we should make them up as we go.


  17. Spin it and I'll kiss anyone of those hotties! And when no one is looking I'll kiss each one of 'em! Pamela V is freezing her ass off camping with her grandsons and the Boy Scouts. That's devotion and craziness.

  18. Hi Mary. Aw, C'mon. Tell us which you like the best. Pamela V isn't old enough to have grandsons, LOL. She'd be a lot warmer if she were here... ;)

  19. Hey, Mary. Thanks for stopping by. Good call on the game.

    My sympathies to Pam V.

  20. Today's winner is Mary Marvella! Congrats, Mary. You've won a copy of Phantoms & Fantasies. I'll be in touch via e-mail.

  21. Thank you, Linsey, for hosting the last day of my blog tour. I appreciate your hospitality and efforts on my behalf.


  22. You're very welcome, Carol. I had a blast. :)